There are many different cloth diaper wash routine options. It can vary based on water hardness, machines, etc. We recommend that you wash diapers twice with detergent to get the best clean.


  • Soft water (0-60ppm)
    • Arm & Hammer Sensitive liquid, Biokleen liquid, Biokleen powder, Persil Proclean, Seventh Generation UPP, or Tide Free & Gentle liquid.
  • Moderately hard water (75-100ppm)
    • All Free & Clear powder, Arm & Hammer liquid, Arm & Hammer powder, Tide Free & Gentle Powder, or Xtra liquid.
  • Hard water (120-150ppm)
    • Dreft liquid, Oxiclean liquid, or Tide Original liquid.
  • Very hard water (150-200ppm)
    • Ariel powder, Foca powder, or Tide Original powder.


  • Pre-wash with cold water on a normal cycle with heavy soil, high spin, & single rinse.
    • Cold water is more environmentally friendly.
    • Removes excess ammonia.
  • Main wash with warm/hot water up to 140F/60C on heavy duty cycle with heavy soil, high spin, & single rinse.
  • Tumble dry low or hang to dry.


For specific cloth diaper wash routine questions on water hardness or detergents we recommend you join “Cloth Diapering Mamas” or “Cloth Diapering Dads” Facebook group.