Sarape Rojo

Sarape Rojo

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DIAPER PERFECTION UNLEASHED! 💖 - Transform diapering into a luxurious experience with Precious Pompi cloth diaper!

ADJUSTABLE SWAG FOR EVERY GROWTH SPURT! 💫 - Precious Pompi cloth diapers feature a 3-row snap design, providing the perfect fit for small, medium, and large stages. Unmatched comfort for every growth stage ensures your mini-me slays in style with the perfect fit—every time.

MOISTURE MAGIC IN EVERY FIBER! 💦 - Athletic Wicking Jersey Interior, the hero in moisture management, effortlessly handles liquids by wicking away moisture and holding solids in place. Leave your baby's skin dry and happy- Say goodbye to soggy bottoms, hello to diapering bliss!

LEAK-PROOF LUXURY! 💧✨ - Our game-changing tummy panel, crafted from PUL, that ensures leak-free adventures, keeps moisture away from your baby's tummy and guarantees peace of mind.

GREEN REVOLUTION DIAPER DREAMS! 🌱🌍 - Embrace the diapering hero in you with reusable cloth diapers for your little one. Elevate diaper duty to a pure, green, and oh-so-cozy experience by being a diapering hero for your baby and the planet. Ready to make the green switch? ADD TO CART now!

• Exterior: Water Resistant PUL, 100% Polyester
• Interior: Athletic Wicking Jersey, 100% Polyester 

Precious Pompi products have a 6 month limited warranty. Learn more about our warranty.

Knock solids into toilet.
Store in dry pail.
Prewash cold. Main wash hot.
No bleach. No fabric softener.
Tumble dry low or line dry.
Do not iron.

For complete wash and care instructions, download our free guide.

Carbon neutral CPSIA Compliant 5% Donations