Purchasing from Precious Pompis Cloth Diapers means you are supporting intersectionality, intersectional environmentalism, small businesses, women owned businesses, Hispanix/Latinx owned businesses, environmental awareness, human rights, animal rights, child safety, and so much more. We donate 5% of ALL sales to your charity of choice. Our Pompis Fam can choose from donating to:

  • Recognize Violence, Change Culture

    • Their mission: To make embodying consent and respecting boundaries the norm. As California State University (CSU) alumni, our current goal is to support prevention staff in building and implementing comprehensive and inclusive prevention programming at every CSU.

  • Operation Underground Railroad

    • Their mission: To shine a light worldwide on the global epidemic of child sex trafficking, and in so doing rescue more children from slavery and assist law enforcement to seek justice for those who violate children.

  • Azul

    • Their Mission: Azul is a grassroots organization working to conserve marine resources. We treasure the life-sustaining force of the ocean, as well as the physical and spiritual nourishment it provides us. We are a Gente powered and led effort, focused first on celebrating our rich Latino conservation traditions and connecting them to current solutions. Our work is based in authentic engagement, community building, and collaboration.