It’s time we as a community harness the environmental value in our ancestry. To understand the relationship the Latinx community has with our planet, it’s important to explore the history of Latinx environmentalism, social justice concerns, and activists creating change. Para la cultura. - Diandra Marizet

Our Mission

Precious Pompis provides affordable, quality Hispanic/Latinx themed safety compliant cloth diapers in order to reduce single-use products while taking the necessary steps to have the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Our Story 

Precious Pompis was born out of a love for art, culture, and the planet in order to help parents embrace the necessity in a fun, modern way. But what makes us different from other brands?

We follow and believe in intersectionality, a theory developed by Kimberle Crenshaw that deals with the fact that many social justice problems like racism and sexism often overlap and cause multiple levels of social injustice. Specifically, intersectional environmentalism. Intersectional environmentalism was founded by Leah Thomas and is an inclusive form of environmentalism that advocates for the protection of all people and the planet with the goal of dismantling systems of oppression in the environmental movement.

Precious Pompis stands with the intersectionality and the intersectional environmentalist movements. Purchasing from Precious Pompis Cloth Diapers means you are supporting intersectionality, intersectional environmentalism, small businesses, women owned businesses, Hispanix/Latinx owned businesses, environmental awareness, human rights, animal rights, child safety, and so much more. Businesses like Precious Pompis that practice higher standards will better the society that we and our children live in. The larger our Pompis Fam becomes, the more we can donate towards organizations that share our values as well as participate in actions that will help change the standard for the future of businesses and consumerism. 

Remember, we’re all born precious! Join the #PompisFam today.